Shimano Cycling World is officially open!

Launch of Shimano Cycling World - First Experiential and Interactive Bicycle Centre Opens in Singapore

25 SEPTEMBER 2014, SINGAPORE – Shimano Inc. (listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange TSE:7309) which is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of high quality bicycle components, today announced the opening of its first experiential and interactive world of cycling in Singapore. Named Shimano Cycling World, the 650sqm centre is also the world’s first cycling gallery. It is located next to the Singapore Sports Museum in the recently opened Singapore Sports Hub. Mr Lim Teck Yin, Chief Executive Office of Sport Singapore, was the Guest-of-Honour at the official opening of Shimano Cycling World.


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The Shimano Cycling World is more than a showcase of bicycles. As an experiential centre, it aims to enrich and develop the local cycling culture and promote cycling as a lifestyle in Singapore. It also serves to heighten awareness on the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of cycling. 
Mr Matsui Hiroshi, Director and Senior Vice-President of Shimano Inc., said: “Shimano set up its first overseas factory in Singapore in 1973. It started out as the bicycle component assembly centre. The factory here has since grown into a full-fledged manufacturing plant with R&D, product design and engineering, cold forging, stamping, heat treatment, electro-plating and tooling fabrication capabilities. Shimano has also set up a sales office in Singapore in 1996 to look after the South East Asian market. With the development of the Singapore Sports Hub, this provided a prime opportunity for Shimano to engage the community. Hence, the set up of Shimano Cycling World which is also the world’s first cycling centre to provide content for a cycling related lifestyle and education for visitors”.

At Shimano Cycling World, visitors can view, walk through and interact with a multitude of cycling exhibits including a moving piece of installation art. They can also explore cycling paths in Singapore; and upload trip journals and share images. 
Mr Lim Swee Nian, Assistant Managing Director, Singapore Economic Development Board, said: “Shimano is a pioneering company in Singapore and their presence here has grown with Singapore becoming a key international base for Shimano Inc. with activities ranging from manufacturing to marketing. We are heartened by Shimano’s latest decision to establish the world’s first interactive cycling gallery in Singapore. This validates Singapore as a location where progressive companies can push the boundaries of innovative branding, marketing and outreach.”


The Shimano Cycling World features the following highlights that expound the joys of cycling:
1) A panorama of moving interconnected sprockets and chains that is a conversational art piece. This artwork shows a clockwork of gears in motion. Below it is a row of interactive screens whereby visitors can view images of the joys of cycling with a wave of their hand.

2) Cycling Global which is a programme that connects a network of international cycling enthusiasts that will help introduce new cyclists into the loop. Cyclists will be able to enjoy global cycling experiences via this platform through trip journals, images and videos. 

3) Visitors are invited to explore local cycling paths through a high resolution touchscreen platform, named Cycling Singapore. Cyclists planning a ride can benefit from the updates on the weather, air quality and traffic plus route builder and widgets that give useful information. The location of bicycle shops and the Park Connector Network (PCN) will also be highlighted at the press of a button.

4) The relaxing setting encourages social interaction among novice, amateur and professional cyclists. They can catch up with friends and browse through Shimano’s lifestyle products, books and references. 

5) Experts from the industry and the public can converge at the stage area for scheduled workshops to learn about bike mechanisms, and acquire some basic bicycle technical knowledge. Specially designed to engage participants, the open stage area has a big screen and three collapsible platforms, handy as a venue for ‘how to’ events with mentors and professional riders sharing cycling tips presented through digital postings and live video feeds of activities and upcoming events.

6) A display of cycling components invites visitors to discover the innovations, technology, precision and the art of various bicycle parts. As functional as they are artfully designed, visitors, enthusiasts and budding designers can appreciate the inspiring precision work by Shimano.

7) A pictorial wall with a display of bicycles from the earliest push bikes and the pennyfarthing to present-day models is featured to pique the interest of visitors. They can also trace the history of bicycles and Shimano alongside other major world events.

8) The vast world of cycling is displayed through a collection of bicycles. Visitors can pull them out one by one to appreciate the diversity of bicycles. This part of the Shimano Cycling World promotes the values and joys of cycling, filled with nostalgia and anticipation of the future of cycling.

As the Singapore Sports Museum aims to be the centre of sports knowledge for the general community as well as sports professionals, Shimano Cycling World dovetails with this laudable objective.