RAPIDFIRE Plus is still a winning choice from a wide range of riders from XC racers to freeriders. RAPIDFIRE Plus is suited to quick shifting, giving riders the ability to downshift three gears in one stroke. RAPIDFIRE Plus shifters feature 2-way release, which means release shifts by pull of the index finger or push of the thumb.

  • pretty_bullet.png 2-WAY RELEASE
  • pretty_bullet.png Ergonomic lever shape
  • pretty_bullet.png Totally re-designed handlebar area
  • pretty_bullet.png Refined touch point and longer, re-designed main lever blade
  • pretty_bullet.png Highly visible Optical Gear Display (3mm up position)

Product Specs

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Model Number SL-M430
Series Alivio
Shift Lever Type Rapidfire Plus
Front Shifting 3-speed
2-way Release Yes
Optical Gear Display Yes
Shift Cable Casing OT-SP40