Super Ultegra TE 1

The Super Ultegra TE1 whip it a great tool for lightweight silver fish speed fishing. Perfect for match anglers across Europe, the Super Ultegra comes as a set, enabling you to fish at many lengths with floats from 0.1g up to 5g. The fine solid carbon tip blends perfectly into the next section for a superb playing action when larger fish are hooked.
  • blank_construction_v1_m56577569830909651.png XT60


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Product specifications

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Rod type Telescopic
Lengths 2,00 - 2,50 - 3,00 - 3,50 - 4,00
Actions 1
Blank material XT60
Reel seat -
Guide type -
Grip -
Packaging Set in special holdall

Item code Length (m) Action Transport length (cm) Weight (g) Nr of sections Casting weight (g)
SULTTE1SET 0 1 0 424 0 0