BeastMaster Beach

Throughout the years the Beastmaster name has built up a solid reputation and is associated with rods that deliver the most consistent performance. This new rod will be of great interest to the legering beach specialist. Built on HPC100+ Biofibre carbon blanks the Beastmaster Beach Surf comes with 2 tips (1 for the 4.0m model), all capable of casting up to 120g/4oz (up to 60g/2oz for the 4.0m model). It offers sensitive bite registration when fishing for flounder, flatfish, mullet and bass on shallow surf beaches around Europe. Also available is a 5.0m telescopic version which is easy to store and transport.
  • blank_construction_v1_m56577569830909651.png HPC60 & Biofibre
  • guide_rings_v1_m56577569830909652.png Fuji stainless steel improved hard guide
  • reel_seat_v1_m56577569830909653.png DPS-type
  • grips_v1_m56577569830909649.png Rubber paint


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Product Specs

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Rod type Surf
Lengths 4,00m - 4,50m - 5,00m
Blank material HPC60 & Biofibre
Reel seat DPS-type
Guide type Fuji stainless steel improved hard guide
Grip Rubber paint
Packaging Cloth bag

Item code Length (m) Transport length (cm) Weight (g) Nr of guides Nr of sections Casting weight (g)
BMBE50120 5 173 643 8 4+2 toppen 60-120g
BMAXTEBE5012 5 152.5 487 11 6+2 toppen 60-120g
BMBE45120 4.5 157 549 8 4+2 toppen 60-120g
BMAXTEBE4512 4.5 152.5 418 10 6+2 toppen 60-120g
BMBE4060 4 141 406 8 4+1 top 30-60g