Shimano Bicycle Division Limited Warranty

Shimano warrants to the original retail purchaser that the Shimano bicycle division product for which they received this warranty, is free from non-conformities in material and workmanship for varying periods from the date of original retail purchase, as illustrated above. 

How To Make A Claim

If the part is on a new bicycle:
Bicycle is within the warranty period provided by the bicycle manufacturer, then contact the bicycle manufacturer. The dealer that sold you the bicycle can do this on your behalf. This is the quickest method.

In all other cases:
Refer back to the bicycle dealer that sold you the product.

Please include inside the package:
a) A dated proof of purchase
b) Customer copy of Warranty Card completed with owner / product / purchase information
c) Complete set of the products for the claim

Note: We recommend sending all claims via a shipping method which can trace your package in case it should get lost during transport. No items will be accepted for service if they have been returned without the approval of Shimano, or if they have been returned in an incomplete or disassembled condition.




Shimano Singapore Warranty Policy