SHIMANO RIDERS ALLIANCE consists of a group of inspiring riders of various riding discipline in South East Asia. SHIMANO RIDERS ALLIANCE is the root for riders to share their cycling experiences, their culture, the drive and ambition to further progress in future and to introduce more riders to increase the community in the cycling world.

Our riders and and their performance will always be at the center of everything we do, however Shimano Rider Alliance is much more than just a alliance. We have created our identity by bringing riders from all walks of life, from different cultures for a sole purpose which is striving to meet people as passionate about cycling and being as creative as we are.

SHIMANO RIDERS ALLIANCE is a great priviledge to support the riders who are looking to offer more to the cycling world, the movement and to becoming better in the way of life. 
We're extremely excited about what lies ahead and there's alot more to come. 
Join us on our journey with our ambassadors to venture into the unknown, unchartered adventures.

Take a look at what our Shimano Riders are doing and help our community grow by using these hashtags:

Interested to be part of  Shimano Rider Alliance? We are watching out for you and who knows, something good might come your way!

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