Stamping Tooling & Process Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide engineering support in achieving process optimization for Stamping Process
  • Redesign stamping process by tooling modification and improvement
  • Work as a team with production specialist to improve machine OEE result
  • Perform 2D/3D simulation process to determine process capability/prediction to reduce trial & error mistake.
  • Perform 3D CAD construction to CF/STP Profile Punch and Die for complex shapes which cannot be done in 2D.
  • Perform Stamping die set designing accordingly to product specification requirement
  • Carry process layout discussion & confirmation with R&D & production team .
  • Perform 3D CAD construction for complex shapes Profile Punch & Die .
  • Work as a team & perform tool testing with tester to achieve tooling FA on time.
  • Carry out further tool improvement during initial production period to stabilize tool condition.


Job Requirements:

  • Minimum Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Precision Engineering or related disciplines
  • Knowledge in plastic and/or metal stamping process
  • Experience in stamping tooling designing will be advantageous
  • Proficient in 2D & 3D AutoCAD or others CAD applications
  • Self-motivated and able to meet project deadlines


Interested applicants, please send in your application to